• 2 days 340 km
    Nowhere else in Lithuania you will find such a medley of nationalities as in the region of Vilnius, also known as “Vilnija”. There are Lithuanians, Poles, Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Jews, Romanians, Karaites and even Tatars. All of these nationalities have left their mark in this endlessly colourful area. This two-day tourist route is designed to acquaint you with the heritage, traditions and history of these people. Special attention is given to the Poles’ nation.
  • 2 days 310 km
    Lithuania‘s history is first and foremost the history of its most famous and influential families. This history is still alive in the castle hills and ruins, the manors, and the rambling trails of ancient parks. Kernius, Gediminas, and Vytautas, as well as the Radvila, Giedraitis, Tiškevičius and Sapiega families. Step into the homes of the people who created Lithuania with this two-day tour of Lithuanian history.
  • 2 days 185 km
    Vilnius has long been known as a center for culture, art and science – it is not by chance that it is called the Athens of the North. Thousands of artists – wood carvers, sculptors, ceramists, painters, architects – have left their footprints in Vilnius and its surroundings. Wood that echoes the features of a duke, an apple tree that has turned into a plaintively singing fife, clay and stone that take on incredible forms in the skilful hands of the artist. It is fascinating, amazing and inspiring. This two-day trip will take you to a place that thrives on creativity – it may sometimes go unnoticed, but it is real and it is alive.