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The Restored Lithuanian State is Turning 100

Come Celebrate With Us!

Throughout 2018, Lithuania will be celebrating 100 years since the signing of its Act of Independence. The document, which was signed in Vilnius on 16 February 1918, laid the foundation for the Lithuanian state we know today: democratically-run, based on the principles of equality for all and connected to the rest of the world.

Lithuanian centennial celebrations will continue to offer once in a lifetime experiences all summer long. Let’s go outside – Lithuania invites you to celebrate the Restoration of the State with some informal events. Take part in a 100-km run, enjoy a picnic with friends and strangers, sing with thousands of Lithuanians, and feel the festive atmosphere in your heart. Come celebrate and share the mood.

Sing and dance with thousands of Lithuanians

Dainų šventė

Which event can gather tens of thousands of people in a stadium? The answer is Lithuania’s Centenary Song Celebration! Put it on your to-do list and take in the unforgettable sight for yourself.


Join our free walking tours “100 YEARS OF LITHUANIAN STATEHOOD”

Vilniaus Katedra

Sightseeing can be a completely different experience when you walk through streets filled with history. Discover the historic route that explores places where the ideas for a Restored Lithuania were born.


The Lithuanian Centennial Events in Vilnius

To mark this very special milestone, Vilnius will host multiple formal events, as well as celebrations that everyone can attend.


Run 100 km for Restored Lithuania

Challenge yourself to run 100 km – alone or with a team of friends – in the Vilnius 100 km Ultra Marathon.


Travel the Centennial Route

The walls of Vilnius’ buildings hold stories upon stories of the many generations of people who lived here. Some of these stories helped change the course of Lithuanian history.


VMS_6978Enjoy a Picnic at Night in Vilnius

Invite your friends and party from sunset to sunrise on the grass near Baltasis Tiltas (White Bridge) on 6 July.


7 Things You Need to Know About the Lithuanian Centennial

On 16 February 2018, Lithuania will celebrate 100 years since the signing of its Act of Independence. Here are 7 quick facts to get you in the know.