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Awards to the Winners of “Vilnius Hospitality 2017”

Vilniaus svetingumas 2017

“The mood and impressions a visitor brings back from a place they visit are unequivocally influenced by the people of a city and the way they communicate with and accommodate guests. Thus, I would like to thank all the businesses and individuals in Vilnius who have been so warmly welcoming – both to residents of the city and guests from around the world,” said Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius at a recent award ceremony honouring the city’s mot hospitable businesses and residents.

The title of Most Hospitable Accommodation Company in Vilnius this year was awarded to the Artagonist Hotel, which offers rooms adorned with art created by Lithuanian artists. Among the catering companies in Vilnius, the award for Most Hospitable Catering Company was granted to the restaurant Ertlio Namas. Valstybės Pažinimo Centras (the Centre for Civil Education) was named Most Hospitable Museum in Vilnius this year and the Most Hospitable Place of Interest in Vilnius was awarded to the music club Tamsta.
The award for the Most Hospitable Employee representing a catering company was granted to Skaidrė Leonova, the owner of the café Coffee1 as well as Silvija Šimoliūnaitė, Manager of the Reception Unit at the Vilnius Amberton Hotel.

Vilnius residents and guests to the city also voted for the Most Hospitable Guide in Vilnius, which went to Gabija Lunevičiūtė. The winners in the category of Most Hospitable Airbnb this year were Rasa and Marius Dabrišiai.

Several new hospitality categories were introduced in the contest for 2017, including the Most Hospitable in Vilnius to Everybody, Discovery of the Year, and the Most Hospitable Resident of Vilnius. The winner in the first category was Downtown Forest Hostel and Camping, a bed & breakfast place designed to be enjoyed by all, including young travellers, families with children, senior citizens, visitors with special needs, as well as those travelling with pets. The Discovery of the Year was awarded to Telia Nemuziejus, a virtual museum opened this year by the well-known national television producers Edmundas Jakilaitis and Laurynas Šeškus. Quite unexpectedly but very deservedly – given the overwhelming number of votes submitted by local residents and guests alike – the title of Most Hospitable Resident of Vilnius 2017 was awarded to Jurgis, the ambassador of the contest.

The winners of the contest were announced after the Contest Commission tabulated online votes submitted to the website, which accounted for 50% of the overall scores, while the other 50% of each score was derived from ratings given on the TripAdvisor, Booking, and TrustYou websites.

The purpose of the Most Hospitable in Vilnius contest, which was organised for the tenth time, is to improve the quality of services rendered by Vilnius hotels, guest houses, Airbnb landlords, restaurants, cafés, bars, museums, galleries, and city guides. Moreover, the contest serves to ensure that residents of Vilnius and its guests are provided with the highest levels of hospitality services while developing and improving the face of the tourism industry and the city as a destination.

The winners of competition “Vilnius Hospitality 2017”:

The Most Hospitable Accommodation Company in Vilnius – hotel „Artagonist

The Most Hospitable Catering Company in Vilnius  – restaurant „Ertlio namas

The Most Hospitable Museum in Vilnius– Centre for Civil Education

The Most Hospitable Place of Interest in Vilnius  – music club „Tamsta

The Most Hospitable Employee representing a catering company – Skaidrė Kirkaitė (Coffee1)

The Most Hospitable Vilnius employee of a accommodation company – Silvija Šimoliūnaitė (Amberton)

The Most Hospitable Guide in Vilnius – Gabija Lunevičiūtė

The Most Hospitable Airbnb – Rasa and Marius Dabrišiai

The Most Hospitable in Vilnius to Everybody – „UŽUPIO NAMAS“

The Discovery of the Year – Telia Nonmuseum

The Most Hospitable Resident of Vilnius – Jurgis Didžiulis

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