Siekdami užtikrinti efektyvesnį interneto svetainės veikimą, naudojame slapukus. Tęsdami naršymą interneto svetainėje sutinkate, kad Jūsų kompiuteryje būtų įrašomi slapukai.

Christmas Vilnius in the world mass media – a magical city, open to creativity

The main Christmas tree of Vilnius, which surprised by the new design and creative concept of “Time”, this year again flaunts in the tops of the most beautiful Christmas trees of the world. It was recognized one of the most majestic in the world by popular news portals of the United States, Italy, Belgium, India and other countries. New Christmas town “St. Station, including an open art installation, criticizing growing consumption at Christmas, also received world attention.

“Openness to new ideas and celebratory magic are the main messages of Vilnius to the world during the Christmas season. Vilnius invites guests to see everything with their own eyes. The creative abilities and courage of the city founders annually help to receive the mass media attention. Vilnius rightfully sounds more and more loudly in the world” – said Vilnius mayor Remigijus Šimašius.

Traditional Christmas tree of Vilnius has already earned the capital a reputation as one of the most beautiful and marvelous Christmas cities. Back in November, in anticipation of the new “vestments” of the Christmas tree, one of the most popular USA travel portals, “the New York Post”, which is read by more than 80 million people, called Vilnius one of the 9 most wonderful Christmas cities in Europe. The lit tree “Time” immediately flaunted in the tops of the most beautiful trees of such news channels as the USA “Today USA” news portal with 135 million readers per month, “Matador Network” and “Fodor’s Travel” travel portals, Belgium news portal “Brussels Express” and other news channels.

One of the largest news portals in Italy “Corriere della Serra”, which has an audience of 78 million people per month, and almost the largest Polish news portal “Wirtualna Polska”, admired the magical Christmas atmosphere in Vilnius. A journalist of the Polish news portal wrote: “Vilnius can boast a stylish and modern Christmas town. Reluctantly, I have to admit that Krakow and Wroclaw cannot hold a candle to it”.

“During the Christmas season, at the invitation of “Go Vilnius”, journalists, bloggers and photographers from the UK, Germany and Poland visited the capital city. They shared the impressions of Christmas Vilnius with many thousands of followers in social networks, travel blogs and news portals. We are pleased that we have something to show in Vilnius in the festive season, starting with amazing Christmas towns with conceptual trees, which adorn the city, and ending with hospitable hotels and restaurants. Vilnius left a wonderful impression for the foreign guests, which they shared with compatriots, inviting them to visit the capital city of Lithuania” – said Inga Romanovskienė, director of “Go Vilnius”.

The organizers of the Christmas town “St. Station”, located at the Vilnius railway station, wanting to encourage discussion of how Christmas is turning into an immense consumption fiesta, presented an extravagant Christmas tree, decorated with a plastic bag.

“According to Lithuanian artists, they covered the capital city’s Christmas tree with a plastic bag to warn that consumption is taking over the festive season,” – wrote “Radio France Internationale”, a public radio portal of France. Information about this art project was published by major portals of France “Orange”, “Le Point”, Canadian news portal “La Presse”, Spanish “El Tiempo”, large news portals of India, China, the Philippines and other countries. The project contributed to the emergence of more than 30 publications, which helped reach more than 30 million readers.

Festive events in Vilnius continue. A few days later, on New Year’s Eve, the revived cathedral bell tower will congratulate Vilnius guests and citizens. It will delight those who will gather to celebrate the New Year from 22:00 to the 01:00. The video installation will be accompanied by a mysterious, musical track, consisting of various sound effects. 10 minutes before the New Year, all eyes will be riveted on the tower watchmaker, who will start a countdown of time until 2019. At midnight, the bell tower clock will sound, accompanied by impressive New Year’s fireworks.

2018 12 31