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New Destinations of Air Lituanica – Paris and Tallinn

Flights to Paris

On 14 February, the airline Air Lituanica launched flights to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport – the first flight with a 95% loaded aircraft took off early in the morning. It is expected that the new route will enhance the cooperation between Lithuania and France.

“Charles de Gaulle Airport is one of the most important airports in the world which had not been connected by a direct flight from Vilnius for several years already,” Vice-Mayor of Vilnius City Municipality Jonas Pinskus says. “We are working hard every day to boost the visibility of Vilnius in the world, to ensure an easy arrival to Vilnius and to make it convenient for people who work and live here. Therefore, this direct connection with the busiest air transport hub in Paris is very important for the development of our city”.

According to the data of the State Department of Tourism, 30,000 French people paid a visit to Lithuania last year. They are highly interested in short-distance weekend trips within Europe; thus, new direct flights to Vilnius will strengthen the positions in the French tourism market.

Air Lituanica flights to Paris will be operated on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. From 3 May the flight frequency will be increased to 5 times a week – an additional flight on Saturdays will be available.

Flights to Tallinn

From 12 March the airline Air Lituanica launches flights on the new route to Tallinn. Flights to the capital of Estonia will be operated on business days, in the morning and in the evening.

The plane will take off from Vilnius in the morning at 7.30 and from Tallinn to Vilnius at 9.00. In the evening the plane will depart from Vilnius at 17.55 and from Tallinn at 19.25. One-way trip will last 1 hour 5 min. A total of 10 flights will take place on the route Vilnius-Tallinn-Vilnius per week. Such a dense flight schedule will facilitate travelling for business clients: after going to Tallinn, they will have a chance to handle their business affairs and to come back to Lithuania on the same day.

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As well Air Lituanica operates regular routes to Brussels, Berlin, Munich and Prague.

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