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Ratings for 30 the Best Restaurants Announced in Lithuania nuotrauka

The annual list of the 30 best restaurants was announced in Vilnius which introduces the restaurants ranked as the very best in Lithuania. More than 100 representatives of gastronomy including Lithuanian chefs and foreign chefs working in Lithuania, owners of restaurants, bloggers and journalists writing about the industry, sommeliers, and other experts of gastronomy cast their votes.

Ranking the restaurants the members of the commission had to consider the quality of food and creativity of dishes, quality of service, environment, beverage cards and many different types of criteria provided in the regulations of the project. It is observed that not only the presentation of an impressive dish but also the observation of sustainability and other principles of responsible consumption. Priority was given to local products that have been gaining more significance among the evaluation criteria lately.

Putting it briefly, 8 restaurants from the list of the 30 best restaurants of last year were not retained in the list of this year. However, the same number of new names appeared in the ranking and as many as 5 of them had never been mentioned in the previous rankings. They are: “Amandus” (7th place), “Ertlio namas” (17th place), “Selfish” (21st place), “El Mercado” (28th place) located in Vilnius and Kaunas-based “Ieti” (24th place). The first place was granted to “Džiaugsmas”, a restaurant located in Vilnius.

The list of thirty best Lithuanian restaurants of 2018

1 place. Džiaugsmas, chef Martynas Praškevičius

2 place. Monai, chef Vytautas Samavičius

3 place. Sweet Root, chef Justinas Misius

4 place. Gastronomika, chef Liutauras Čeprackas

5 place. Šturmų švyturys, chef Česlovas Žemaitis

6 place. La Esperanza, chef Justinas Kapkovičius

7 place. Amandus, chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas

8 place. Dine, chef Donatas Šatkauskas

9 place. SOMM, chef Mindaugas Saulis

10 place. Gaspar’s, chef Gasparas Fernandesas

11 place. Nüman, D. J. Pennell, D. Kaupas, P. Zuoza, K. Liukaitytė

12 place. Apvalaus stalo klubas, mentor team

13 place. Monte Pacis, šefas Rokas Vasiliauskas

14 place. Momo Grill, šefai Valdas Anusevičius, Vytautas Samavičius

15 place. Saint Germain, šefas Gediminas Švenčionis

16 place. Da Antonio, šefas Dmitrijus Babenko

17 place. Ertlio namas, šefas Tomas Rimydis

18 place. Ti’ana, šefas Jaroslavas Girdzijevskis

19 place. Nerija, chefs Jonas Bilotas, Klaudijus Urbonas, Lukas Makarevičius

20 place. Böff, chef Mheras Gevorkjanas

21 place. Selfish, chef Tadas Vibrantis

22 place. Uoksas, chef Artūras Naidenko

23 place. Stikliai, chef Linas Bražinskas

24 place. Ieti, chef Inga Turminienė

25 place. Telegrafas, chef Vytautas Alekna

26 place. Palanga, chef Raimundas Dambrauskas

27 place. MEAT, chef Artūras Butkūnas

28 place. El Mercado, chef Martynas Maciulevičius

29 place. Sofa de Pancho, chef Vitalis Čižauskas

30 place. Velvetti, chefs Snieguolė ir Remigijus Žižiai

The project has been initiated by the Good Food Academy in cooperation with the Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, Association of Lithuanian Restaurant Chefs and Confectioners, the State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy and the magazine “Geras Skonis”. The main partner of the project – “iittala”, the brand of tableware and interior details.

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