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Scooter rental begins in Vilnius with a new speed limit

A scooter rental-sharing service will begin operating in Vilnius on Tuesday. The service, along with the first 100 scooters, will be introduced by CityBee, a company that also provides car-sharing services in the capital.

The Vilnius City Municipality had previously announced that this service would initially be provided by CityBee, followed by companies that own such brands as Flash, MyScoote, Swop, and Unicorn scooters. Scooters will be available for rent on the free-floating principle—people will be able to pick them up at one location and leave them at another through the use of mobile apps. Scooters will have built-in sensors that will provide rental points with information about scooter location.

As far as road traffic rules, electric scooters are classified in the same category as bicycles; they can be driven on cycle paths, and in the absence of these, a sidewalk or street can be used instead. Service providers expect that any adult over the age of 18 will be able to rent scooters, and the service does not require a driver’s license. A fully charged scooter can cover up to 45 kilometers before needing to be charged again and can reach speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour.

Source: Baltic News Service

2019 04 16