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Go Vilnius is the official destination management organisation of the City of Vilnius. Our goal is to promote Vilnius as an attractive tourist destination, and we do so in part by cooperating with journalists, influencers, organisations and creators to produce a variety of marketing and promotional material for Vilnius.

We manage various Go Vilnius social media channels, including:

Our official hashtags are #govilnius #Vilnius #VilniusCity

We hope to maximise your time and the quality of your experience in Vilnius. Let’s work together in order to encourage more and more people to discover our amazing city!


Public relations manager Gintarė Kavaliūnaitė, +370 617 45202,

Press trip registration form

Thank you for expressing an interest in visiting Vilnius! We’d like to find out more about you and your work via the online application form. You can find the application form here.

We are looking forward to your visit.