Stiklių-Žydų-Gaono Streets

Address:Stiklių g., Gaono g., Žydų g.
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These streets were included in the medieval Jewish quarter, which was west of Didžioji Street, and reached as far as Dominikonų and Vokiečių Streets. During World War II the so-call Small Jewish Ghetto operated there for a short time (Stiklių, Gaono, Antokolskio, Žydų Streets), where about 11-12 thousand people lived, mostly intellectuals, unskilled workers and people unable to work. The Small Ghetto survived until the year 1941.

The Great Synagogue was built in Žydų Street (did not survive) which housed about 3–5 thousand praying people and was protected by 18 Torah rolls. Next to it there was the Gaon House of Worship, a famous library of Strašūnas and other buildings of the Synagogue courtyard for religious purposes. The Soviet occupation destroyed all that completely.

Today a kindergarten stands in place of the Great Synagogue, next to it a monument to Gaon is built, in the place where his house used to stand. Narrow and winding streets with transverse arcades have retained their original appearance; some ancient architecture has survived or been restored: first of all houses in Stiklių and Gaon Streets.