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Vilnius Presents “Tasty Vilnius” Map

The city of Vilnius invites you to open up to new discoveries and adventures – and here is a map that will guide you through the tastiest ones!

Whether you are looking for a perfect place to have breakfast, celebrate a special occasion or have a midnight snack – find all the answers here. This guide provides the most necessary information about the city‘s best restaurants, bars, cafes and other venues that are there to help you fall in love with Vilnius more and more with every bite!

In order to be the most convenient travel partner you could want, this guide is classified into different categories, narrowing your search down to the most important day time keywords, cuisines and house specialties that local bars and restaurants offer.

Selected and recommended by “VMG“, World‘s Best Food Magazine 2014, and the Municipality of Vilnius – this guide will make sure you have a very TASTY VILNIUS’ time!

You can take free publication in Vilnius Tourist Information Centres.

2014 06 19