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Vilnius Airport Reopens After Runway Reconstruction

VNO reopening

Vilnius Airport has reopened following the scheduled 35-day runway reconstruction period.

As a result of the reconstruction work, which took place from 14 July to 17 August, the majority of flights to Vilnius were redirected to Kaunas Airport, located an hour away from Lithuania’s capital. Kaunas Airport welcomed over 370,000 passengers and around 3,500 flights during this period.

The first plane to land on the new runway in the early hours of 18 August came from Riga, and shortly thereafter the first plane took off from the runway en route to Warsaw.

The majority of airlines offering flights to and from Vilnius have already resumed operations at the airport, with Ryanair set to commence flights in September. New destinations and connections to Vilnius are also in the works. This week, Wizzair announced a new route between Vilnius and Agdir Morocco that will begin in November, as well as regular flights to and from Gdansk, Poland, slated to begin in December.

2017 08 18