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Vilnius is Celebrating Its 696th Birthday Lights

vakaras dangoraiziai shutterstockVilnius is never getting old – the city is celebrating its 696th anniversary with a modern and colourful twist. For its birthday buildings, bridges, churches, and squares of the Old Town will light up with impressive installations in the Vilnius Light Festival.

On the 25th January artists from 8 countries will give Vilnius a remarkable gift of 22 light installations that will reveal the unique architecture of the city and will become a pleasant surprise for both city guests and those who know the city well. To enjoy the installations visit the Old Town on 25-27 January 6-11 p.m.

‘On 25 January 1323 Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, sent one of his most famous letters shedding the light on Vilnius in the eyes of other European countries. On this day the name of Vilnius became a part of the European map. Vilnius birthday is a symbolic day – a bright celebration will be much more visible in Europe. I am sure that the light magic will put a spell on all the citizens and guests.’

The birthday celebration will last for the whole weekend. Discover the secrets of Vilnius, enjoy a creative atmosphere of the city, and get to know the modern Vilnius.

On 24th January the Vilnius City Municipality St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra invites everyone to a special Vilnius birthday concert Music over the snowy Vilnius. The music by W. A. Mozart and L. Mozart will recreate a subtle atmosphere of the city.

On 26th January at 11 a.m. join a family tour ‘Playing Vilnius’ and get to know the most important buildings on a playful adventure.

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