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Vilnius Is One the of Three Most Attractive European Cities of the Future

Dangoraiziai, jaunimasThe fDI Intelligence division of the Financial Times has recently published its ranking of the European Cities of the Future, and in the key areas of economic development and attractiveness for foreign direct investment, Vilnius has secured third place in the mid-sized European cities category.

Five major factors were taken into account when compiling the ranking: economic potential, business environment, human capital and the quality of life, cost effectiveness and communication. The city s successful strategy for attracting direct foreign investment, meanwhile, was also given special merit.

This ranking continues Vilnius’ run of such successes in recent years. In the 2004 fDI Intelligence ranking,  Vilnius was awarded the title of Eastern European city of the future, outperforming the other capitals of the Baltic States, Belarus, and Ukraine, as well as many other Western European and Eastern European cities.

In the 2016 ranking only Zurich (Switzerland) and Edinburgh (United Kingdom) were ahead of Vilnius.
fDI Intelligence is the largest direct foreign investment analysis centre in the world, and operates as part of the “Financial Times” group.

2016 03 04