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Go Vilnius Appoints Former Head of Image and Communication at Maxima LT to Lead Marketing Team

Inga RomanovskieneGo Vilnius, the City of Vilnius’ newly-established business development agency, has appointed Inga Romanovskienė to lead its new marketing department.

Romanovskienė was head of image and communications at Maxima LT – the largest retailer in Lithuania and part of Maxima Group – the largest single employer in the Baltic States.

“Inga was born and raised in Vilnius. In talking to her, one gets a sense of how deeply she loves the city. We at Go Vilnius are so pleased that she is willing to put her talents to work helping others feel the love, as well,” says Go Vilnius Director Dr. Darius Udrys. “Throughout her career, Inga has worked in a number of businesses and has been responsible for various aspects of marketing, including introducing and building successful brands. Inga’s knowledge, skills, and love for Vilnius are exactly what we need as we build the Go Vilnius marketing department and a strategy for marketing Vilnius.”

The Go Vilnius marketing and business development departments were established this summer, when the new agency was launched. The new departments will be added to the Vilnius Tourism Information Centre and Convention Bureau, which was expanded to create Go Vilnius – a non-profit corporation chartered by the City of Vilnius.

The new Go Vilnius marketing department will be tasked with strengthening Vilnius’ appeal internationally to businesses and investors, tourists, and talent. Meanwhile, the business development department will be responsible for supporting and assisting foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and companies that decide to make the move to Vilnius.

“I want Vilnius to prosper, and for its charm to touch all of those who have something to contribute,” says Romanovskienė. “I am so happy to have this opportunity to strengthen Vilnius’ appeal internationally. As a Vilnian, I feel a great responsibility and even greater motivation to do our city proud.”

2016 09 20