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  • GO_Vilniaus_restoranu_gidas_2019-1 cover


    Hard copy available. This guide offers a glimpse into the best restaurants in the city. They were selected based on the recommendations of the Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association and the Good Food Academy. Some of these restaurants have been recognised among the top 30 in Lithuania in 2018, and some of them have been named among the best in the Baltics by the White Guide.


  • modernus vilnius-en-1

    A guide to modern Vilnius

    Hard copy available. Beautiful Baroque architecture, narrow Old Town streets and centuries-old history are not the only things Vilnius is famous for. Vilnius is also renowned for its modern urban architecture, contemporary cultural scene and world-class talents. Given this, it is worth taking a more observant walk through the city’s streets to discover some of its greatest modern art treasures, familiarise yourself with Lithuanian and global art trends of, find like-minded people to have a good time with, and get inspired by new ideas. This guide offers a glimpse into Vilnius’ most beloved modern places of art and will also acquaint you with some of the more unconventional places. Where are you going today?


  • Uzupis-EN-1

    Užupis: A Republic Inside Vilnius

    Hard copy available. Užupis is the smallest district in Vilnius, covering an area of 0.6 km² and separated from the Old Town by the Vilnelė River. What used to be a seedy part of the city in the early 90s has grown into an affluent neighbourhood of artists, intellectuals, and a few local moguls. The district declared independence on 1 April 1997, as if to underline the humorous nature of the whole affair. However, the new republic comes complete with its own currency, government, anthem, constitution and an ever-present free spirit.


  • Piligrimu 1 psl


    Hard copy available. With this leaflet, we invite you to experience Vilnius’ most holy places, feel the Mercy of God, and witness the seven works of mercy for the body and soul. Even a short visit to one or more of these holy places will lighten your spirits and give you hope. Explore Vilnius – a City of Mercy.



  • EVENTS_2019_GB_po1-1


    Hard copy available. The brochure-calendar publisher Vilnius Tourist Information Centre invites you to fulfill your time in 2019 with cultural events in Vilnius and surroundings. More detailed information about events in the website



  • Capture

    Vilnius O’clock

    Hard copy available. Find out more about what makes Vilnius a great place to live, work and do business.


  • Very Vilnius. Cover

    Very Vilnius

    Hard copy available. Top-Notch Experiences – launched presenting diverse and captivating ideas of activities in Vilnius (English language). Illustrated with many photos. Also cultural events throughout the year are featured.


  • the good coffee map

    The Good Coffee Map

    Online version. Each place featured in THE GOOD COFFEE MAP offers traditional and alternative coffee preparation methods and different facilities that should satisfy every customer’s needs. Each page provides a short description of the establishment, as well as other relevant information like address, website, phone number and opening hours. Additionally, the map uses a handy icon system to highlight what each coffee shop has on offer, making it easier to decide which one to visit.


  • lithuania-100-EN-1

    100 Years of Lithuanian Statehood

    Hard copy available. Key historic sites in Vilnius. On 16 February 1918, the Act of Independence of Lithuania was signed, effectively creating the modern Lithuanian state, with Vilnius as its capital. It is one of the most important dates in the nation’s history – the birth of a new democratically-run country.


  • photographing-vilnius-EN-1

    Photographing Vilnius

    Hard copy available. To capture the real face of Vilnius and discover its cosiness, lift your gaze up, listen to the streets, and try to feel your way around – even with this guide in hand.


  • VP lankstukas

    Vilnius Pass

    Hard copy available. Vilnius City Card is oriented towards tourists who want to gain better knowledge of the city. A special catalogue with information about discounts is received upon the purchase of the Vilnius City Card. The catalogue is available in English, German, Polish and Russian languages.


  • Hales-Market-Vilnius_EN-1

    Halės Market

    Hard copy available. Some say that in order to really get to know a country and its people, you need to visit their markets. With this in mind, we invite you to discover the oldest market in Vilnius, Halės Turgus!



  • Vilnius_Zemelapis_reklam_sulankstomas_2018.indd

    Vilnius City Map

    Hard copy available. The Vilnius City map shows the Old Town on one side and  the central part on the other. It includes short list of main sights and map legend in english.


  • Vilnius-graffiti-EN-1

    Vilnius Street Art

    Hard copy available. At first glance, Vilnius may not look like the type of place that’s full of eye-catching street art. However, if you know where to go, you’re bound to find urban murals by Millo, Os Gemeos, Mobstr, and many others. One of the local street art paintings has even been making rounds in the international media.

    Please note that objects 8, 12 and 20 does not exist anymore.


  • Vaiku_zemelapis_1


    Hard copy available. Publication with Vilnius places for children and their parents to know better the city.


  • vilnius-on-screen

    Vilnius on Screen

    Online version. In this publication you can see what movies were shot in Vilnius.


  • LT-food-beer-EN-1

    Lithuanian Food and Beer

    Hard copy available. Explore Vilnius’ culinary pleasures! The Culinary Route is an idea to see the city with the possibility to enjoy its culinary variety.


  • Vilnius-GO_map_2017-1

    The Sugihara Route

    Hard copy available. Go Vilnius and Kaunas IN have collaborated on a double Japanese-language map that features Kaunas on side A and Vilnius on side B. The Kaunas part is the Sugihara Route plus the most interesting and valuable objects and places in the city; the Vilnius side presents the UNESCO-protected Old Town, museums, Lithuanian cuisine restaurants, traditional workshops and some of the loveliest boutiques in the capital.


  • cyclocity_2017

    See Vilnius with CycloCity

    Online version. We invite you to travel in the center and the Old Town of Vilnius by the orange ‘Cyclocity’ bike. Vilnius Tourist Information Centre has prepared a route with a map which specifies 52 points: museums, galleries, churches, monuments and other places of interest. You can visit these places riding a bicycle and then leaving it at special stops. Download and print the proposal Vilnius Top 10 with CycloCity.

    View publication online


  • meet_vilnius_2019-1

    Meet in Vilnius

    Hard copy available. „Meeting Planner‘s Guide for Vilnius“ includes: convention hotels, meeting venues, technical data sheets, professional services suppliers and main city facts. Compiled for professional meeting organisers and event planners, the Guide is a must-have resource for anyone considering planning a meeting in Vilnius. Printed in English.

    View publication online


  • komiksas_1

    Vilnius. Let‘s go! The Magic Map

    Hard  copy available. You have in your hands the first adventure walk in Vilnius by Aistė and Simas. It’s a picture story about two friends who are looking for their dog, but they find much more: mysterious historic places in the town and unusual people. If you follow these characters, you’ll visit eight important places in Vilnius, and find something new and unseen. So… let’s go!


  • Leidinys Vilnius vaikams

    Vilnius vaikams: žemėlapis


  • Dviraciai

    Bicycle Routes. Vilnius-Trakai-Kernavė

    Hard  copy available. This publication describes nine routes: three around the city of Vilnius, three around Trakai, two around Kernavė and one connecting these cities.

    View publication online


  • Laivas, Neris, KultFlux, Mindaugo tiltas, upe

    Water Routes and Active Leisure. Vilnius-Trakai-Kernavė

    Hard  copy available. The publication presents 9 routes of water tourism and 50 recreational objects located in the touristic areas of Vilnius, Trakai and Kernavė. Next to the description of the water tourism routes you can find information on the most visited sites and canoe rental services.

    View publication online


  • Užupis_WEB

    Jewish Heritage in Vilnius

    Hard  copy available. Many famous Judaism scholars and rabbis lived and worked in Vilnius; that is why over the 700 years of their presence in Lithuania Jews created a rich and diverse culture. Vilnius was called the Jerusalem of the North. The publication presents walking route “Jewish Heritage in Vilnius”.


  • Brodas-ir-Kernagis-2

    For the children of “Brodas” and for their own kids. Vytautas Kernagis

    Online version. Cultural route “For the children of “Brodas” and for their own kids. Vytautas Kernagis” is a great opportunity to learn about the movement of “Brodas” and to wonder along the places where the youth of that period spent their time. It is also a chance to get to know those places of Vilnius that were important to Vytautas Kernagis.


  • Miloso-leidinys

    Czeslaw Milosz’s Vilnius

    Hard  copy available. Publication about the places in Vilnius, related with the life of the famous poet, writer, Nobel Prize winner Czeslaw Milosz in 1920-1937.


  • Spalvinimo_knygele-1

    Colouring book „Vilnius“

    Online version. Colouring book “Vilnius” – publication with Vilnius pictures for children to know better the city.


  • jewish-heritage

    Let’s explore Jewish history and heritage in Lithuania

    Online version. One goal of this publication is to contribute to the spread of the unique cultural and historical heritage of Lithuanian Jews, along with the cultivation of mutual respect for the cultures of national minorities, and the spread of ideas related to tolerance.

    View publication online


  • Vilnius Friendly map

    Friendly Vilnius Map

    Hard  copy available. The aim of the “Friendly Vilnius” project is to promote the city open to all nationalities, lifestyle, sexual orientation and disabilities. Places for visitors with the special interest are marked on the map.