Siekdami užtikrinti efektyvesnį interneto svetainės veikimą, naudojame slapukus. Tęsdami naršymą interneto svetainėje sutinkate, kad Jūsų kompiuteryje būtų įrašomi slapukai.

We present you a new guide for the Republic of Užupis: discoveries are waiting for you at every turn

UzupisSinuous Vilnelė, narrow alleys and courtyards – how to see the most interesting places of Užupis, where to play the piano or put a stamp in your passport? The guide, representing the Užupis route “Užupis: a republic in Vilnius”, reveals many secrets of this particular area of Vilnius. This unique republic attracts not only citizens of Vilnius: Užupis is an unforgettable discovery for visitors from all over the world.

“The unique and organically born idea of the local community has already become one of the business cards of Vilnius. The presented route with a map will turn Užupis into a place, easily accessible to foreigners. The tourists, attracted to Užupis by the legends, told by the guide, will be able to find the most interesting places independently, learn more about the Republic’s history and its life, as well as at least briefly feel themselves as citizens of Užupis,” – said the director of the Vilnius Tourism and Business Development Agency “Go Vilnius” Inga Romanovskienė.

According to her, Užupis is unique not only because of its bohemian atmosphere and history, but also because of its special frankness, the ability to involve the guests, who visit this place for the first time, in its game. “Anyone can spontaneously play the piano on the river bank, swing or read the constitution of Užupis in their own language. This is an extraordinary experience, which guests of Vilnius take with them; it helps to learn about Vilnius, as a creative and open city,” – added I. Romanovskienė.

Since 1997, when, whether jokingly or seriously, residents of Užupis proclaimed its independence, Užupis has its own president, constitution, currency, anthem, customs and honorary residents. The area is guarded by an angel sculpture of the sculptor Romas Vilčauskas and the architect Algirdas Umbrasas; it has become a popular meeting place. In the information center of the Republic of Užupis “Magnets and Miracles”, you can send a letter home or put a stamp of the Republic in your passport. Tourists often take pictures of the constitution of the Republic of Užupis, written in their own language – yet, not every constitution contains the right to be lazy or the right of a dog to be one.

While traveling around Užupis with a new guide, at every turn, you will make such discoveries as the newly opened knowledge center of Lithuania “Tartle”, which invites you to get acquainted with the country heritage and history through the prism of art. Each time new surprises are presented by the Užupis art incubator, known for its unexpected installations; the church of St. Bartholomew, hidden from passers-by on a fabulous slope, reveals an unexpected city panorama. City guests are also invited to walk along the Jewish heritage roads and see the wooden architecture of the area.

Užupis is visited by many tourists, coming to Vilnius. It is especially beloved by wandering writers and journalists, who share their impressions with the readers. Only this year, the major television channels of Germany prepared stories about Užupis for the audience in their own countries. ZDF and Deutsche Welle, one of the largest United Kingdom news portals “Metro”. Užupis is also mentioned by a reputable travel portal “Lonely Planet”, which calls Vilnius one of the best places to visit in Europe in 2018.

The route of Užupis is presented in German, English, Italian, Polish and Russian. The guide can be downloaded for free on the website: or found in Vilnius tourist information centers.


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