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Amberton Air Restaurant

+370 628 20090

Amberton Air Restaurant

Amberton Air – Flying restaurant

Participants: Service is provided for groups of 14-16 people.

Duration: 1 hour of voyage (3 hours with preparation).

Service includes: voyage coaching, ballooning, dinner (the first part waits for You on the ground right before the voyage, another one is served during the fly), transportation to the start point.

Time: Ballooning sessions are arranged in the evening at 18-21pm.

Weather conditions: Hot air balloon voyage depends on weather conditions, such as cloud age, precipitation, observability, wind power. Usually, meteorological conditions are foreseen, but sometimes the forecast may be inaccurate or incomplete. Thus, even arrived to the start point, voyage may be rescheduled due to the safety issues.

Clothing: Preferably cotton, which covers the whole body. Wearing high- heeled shoes is forbidden!