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Vilnius City Card – Free Registration

Oranziniai dviraciaiThere are 37 self-service terminals installed in Vilnius. The stations are distributed in close proximity to each other in Vilnius city, so you are never far away from renting or returning a bike.

The 37 stations are distributed throughout the city to enable easy access and optimal use. Located in close proximity to each other, every station has a minimum of 9 stands making it easy to enjoy the Vilnius bikes service, Cyclocity Vilnius.

Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, Cyclocity Vilnius is a self-service bike rental system open to everyone from 14 years of age. With 37 stations and around 300 bikes, it enables you to travel through the city centre, commute between home and work and get out and about to enjoy Vilnius city at your leisure.

All stations are equipped for Cyclocity Vilnius Card, Vilnius public transport card and 3 Day Ticket users. For more information visit You can also use bike self-service system with Vilnius City Card.

Important to know for cyclist when using driving raod:

Cyclists must wear a vest with a lively reflective elements or cyclist must use the white lamp in the front of the bike and the red lamp in the end.

Cost of the service

First half-hour : free

Second half-hour : 0.39 Eur

Third half-hour : 1.39 Eur

Fourth half-hour an over : 3.39 Eur


Seasonal subscription – 19.90 Eur;

Seasonal subscription for youth (14 to 26 years old) – 13.90 Eur;

30 days subscription – 3.90 Eur.

3 Day Ticket – 2.90 Eur

Free subscription with Vilnius City Card for 72 hours

Cyclocity Vilnius map (PDF)