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Recommended restaurants

30 Best Restaurants in Lithuania 2016

© 2016 G.G photography - www.gediminasgrazys.ltThe list of 30 Best Restaurants in Lithuania was announced on the 5th of July by the Academy of Good Food (Gero maisto akademija). The best restaurant in the country this year – the restaurant in Vilnius „Stebuklai” (Miracles), chef Martynas Praškevičius.

TOP 30:
30. SALVETE CITY (Vilnius) – chef Antonio Serra. Modern Italian cuisine
29. BRASSERIE DE VERRES EN VERS (Vilnius) – chef Gediminas Andriuškevičius. French cuisine
28. ŠIAURĖS JŪRA (Vilnius) – chef Donatas Dabrovolskas. Fish and seefood
27. LA PROVENCE (Vilnius) – chef Arūnas Oželis. Mediterranean cuisine
26. BISTRO 18 (Vilnius) – chef Saulius Taučius. European classical cuisine
24. NERIJA (Nida) – chef Jonas Bilotas. European cuisine
23. DIA (Kaunas) – chef Algirdas Matačiūnas. World cuisine
22. STIKLIAI (Vilnius) – chef Linas Bražinskas. European cuisine with Lithuanian cuisine
21. DA ANTONIO (Vilnius) – chef Dmitrij Babenko. Modern Italian cuisine
20. IMPERIAL (Vilnius) – chef Aldona Gečienė. Italian and French cuisine inspired by modern American cuisine
19. TIME (Vilnius) – chef Andrius Kubilius. Creative cuisine
18. MEAT (Vilnius) – chef Indrė Medeliauskaitė. Meet restaurant
17. TELEGRAFAS (Vilnius) – chef Javier Lopez. Modern European cuisine
16. UOKSAS (Kaunas) – chef Artūras Naidenko.
 Modern Lithuanian cuisine
15. MONTE PACIS (Kaunas) – chef Ernestas Viršilas. World cuisine
14. MARCHE DE PROVENCE (Vilnius) – chef Linas Barysas. Lithuanian and Mediterranean cuisine
13. BOFF (Vilnius) – chef Mher Gevorkjan. Steak restaurant
12. SOFA DE PANCHO (Vilnius) – chefs Martynas Maciulevičius and Mantas Dobradziejus. Inspired by Mexican cuisine
11. GASPAR’S (Vilnius) – chef Gaspar Fernandes. Modern cuisine inspired by India
10. SAINT GERMAIN (Vilnius) – chef Gediminas Švenčionis. French cuisine
9. SWEET ROOT (Vilnius) – chef Justinas Misius. Local cuisine inspired by seasons
8. IDW ESPERANZA RESORT (Trakų raj.) – chef Mickey Bhoite. Modern creative cuisine
7. ŠTURMŲ ŠVYTURYS (Vilnius and Ventės ragas) – chef and owner Česlovas Žemaitis. Fresh fish restaurant
6. MOMO GRILL (Klaipėda) – chefs and owners Vytautas Samavičius and Valdas Anusevičius. Grill&bar restaurant
5. GASTRONOMIKA (Vilnius) – chef and owner Liutauras Čeprackas. Tasting dinners (fine dining) restaurant
4. MONAI (Klaipėda) – chef and owner Vytautas Samavičius. Home food restaurant
3. DINE (Vilnius) – chefs and owners Egidijus Lapinskas and Žilvinas Laurinėnas. Fine dining restaurant
2. DUBLIS (Vilnius) – chef and owner Deivydas Praspaliauskas. Brasserie and fine dining restaurant
1. STEBUKLAI (Vilnius) – chef and owner Martynas Praškevičius. Grill&bar restaurant


“White Guide”: Lithuanian Restaurants Are Among the Best in the Baltic States
White Guide 2017

Restaurants in Lithuania were classed as excellent by the “White Guide”, the leading restaurant guide in the Nordic countries. Among restaurants in the Baltic states that were rated for the first time, as many as six Lithuanian restaurants gained the highest ratings!

In total, 10 Lithuanian restaurants were rated by the “White Guide”. The highest rating was awarded to “Sweetroot” in Vilnius, which was also rated as the fourth best restaurant in the top 30 restaurants in the Baltic states, the sixth place went to “Gastronomika” (Vilnius), the ninth place went to “Telegrafas” (Vilnius), “Monai” (Klaipėda) took tenth place, “Dublis” (Vilnius) was the twelfth, and “Uoksas” (Kaunas) was the twenty-second. In addition, “White Guide” ratings were given to “Gaspar’s” (Vilnius), “Lauro lapas” (Vilnius), “Monte Pacis” (Kaunas), and “Bučeris” (Vilnius).

“Vincents” in Riga was recognised as the best restaurant in the Baltic states.

“Employees of the Embassy of Lithuania in Sweden confirmed that gourmets in the Nordic countries do attach great significance to “White Guide” ratings when they choose a restaurant because the ratings guarantee reliability and quality. We are proud that as many as ten Lithuanian restaurants this year became members of this prestigious community and that they will be on the map of so-called gastro-tourism. After all, exceptional culinary experiences become increasingly important during trip planning,” remarks Director of the State Department of Tourism, Jurgita Kazlauskienė.

To participate in the “White Guide”, the State Department of Tourism cooperated with the Kaunas Municipality and the PB “GO Vilnius”. Restaurant reviewers of the guide had consultations with the Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association.

“The Baltic countries have their own proud culinary traditions, their own regional climate conditions and biotopes, but the practice of using various techniques to exploit and preserve what the brief growing season provides is as deeply rooted as in the Nordics, indeed even more deeply. If the Baltic region’s cuisines continue to develop the way they are doing now and cultivate their distinctiveness, more people will discover that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are worth a journey,” says Editor-in-Chief for the Baltic part of the guide, Anna Michelson Bodemark.

The “White Guide 2017” presentation event in Stockholm (Sweden) on 31 October was attended by the representatives of the State Department of Tourism, the Embassy of Lithuania in Sweden, and the Lithuanian community in Stockholm as well as by the chefs Liutauras Čeprackas, Vytautas Samavičius and Kristina Samavičienė, Mher Gevorkajan, etc. of rated Lithuanian restaurants.

The restaurants are assessed by professional reviewers in accordance with agreed criteria, on a scale of 100 points: up to 40 points are awarded for food, and 20 points are awarded for each of the following: service, beverages, and setting/atmosphere.

In addition to the printed guide and the website, “White Guide” ratings are available in the app.

The “White Guide” was launched in 2005. The guide earned the trust and recognition of gourmets and in 2017 it provides ratings and recommendations of as many as 325 restaurants in Denmark (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland), Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland as well as 60 restaurants in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.