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10 Active Summer Adventures in Vilnius

Vilnius is more than just sightseeing. Active adventures are the truly unforgettable experiences that make for great stories. You don’t have to be really fit to enjoy some fun. Air, land, or water – choose your element and just do it. There are plenty of activities to get outside and keep you active.  

Taking a ride on a hot air balloon

Of course, this has to be the top adventure experience – it’s not every day you get to fly in a hot air balloon, especially over a European capital. Taking in the trademark red roofs of the Old Town and flying over the green fields and forests is an adventure of a lifetime. No physical preparation required, just pure fun and excitement.

Kayaking in the city

Vilnius has two rivers perfect for kayaking. For those with more experience, the Vilnia River is an excellent choice. Kayaking on the Neris River is ideal for relaxing and taking in views of the Old Town from a different perspective. The ultimate adventure is kayaking at night. Challenge accepted?

Paddleboarding at dawn

Greeting the morning sun while paddleboarding along the Neris River is one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll have time to look around and see nature, watch out for wildlife, and notice how the architecture of Vilnius is smoothly integrated into the landscape. It’s worth waking up early for this little river tour.

Riding a scooter

Zipping around town and feeling the wind in your hair on an electric scooter is just too much fun to pass up. Vilnius is a walkable city, but a scooter can take you everywhere that much faster. If you get the CityBee app, just find a scooter, ride around the Old Town, and leave it wherever you want once you’re done.

Having fun at Vingis Park

Vingis Park, a full-sized forest in the city, is filled with people moving on all types of transportation. Rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles – if you don’t have your own personal gear, you can always rent some here and explore the extensive trails in the park. Get moving, and once you’re done, take a rest and get a coffee or even a burger.

Becoming a Viking

Sailing the Neris River on a Viking ship is not your usual day. You’ll learn first-hand about Medieval history and rowing the ship will make you a true Viking. There’s also an option to listen to bagpipes or kanklės, a traditional Lithuanian instrument, on your journey. Tip: You don’t really need to be as strong as a Viking to enjoy the experience.

Taking a boat

Boat tours are a popular way to see the city. Vilnius has a few options of larger and smaller boats that offer tours on the Neris River. An hour will pass quickly while watching the Old Town and waving to passersby. If you have more friends, this is your chance to throw a party on the river.

Riding a toboggan at Liepkalnis

Buckle up and speed down a 350-metre hill on a toboggan. It’s like reliving childhood moments but in the summer! How fast you go is entirely up to you, but hey, don’t stop the fun. Liepkalnis has more excitement prepared for you. Tubing down the hill, jumping on a trampoline, or riding monster scooters will ensure a day packed with activities.

Climbing trees

You can reach the treetop by doing some rope climbing. Uno Parkas and the climbing park at Liepkalnis have different difficulty levels to match everyone’s skills. Are you a daredevil? Zipline across the Neris River at Uno Parkas.

Wakeboarding on a lake

Vilnius is surrounded by lakes that are perfect for learning how to wakeboard or to show-off some pro tricks on the water. Wakeboarding parks have professional instructors and gear, so anyone can participate. By the way, don’t worry if you swallow some water – Lithuania’s lakes are clean; you’ll be alright.