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Awaken the Night in Vilnius

Vilnius is action-packed both day and night. While the daytime offers architecture, museums, and leisurely walks in nature,  nights are full of surprises and delightful discoveries. From the bustling bars and streets that are busier than during the day, to unique events that only happen after the sun sets – special exhibitions, museums and concerts wrap the nights in a magical shroud.

The streets that never sleep

Vilnius is compact enough to be an ideal choice for a night out. Savičiaus Street, the Golden Triangle on Vilnius and Islandija Streets, and the Bermuda Square on Etmonu Street are three must-visit places for a drink or two, or even an all-night pub-crawl. Savičiaus Street, filled with a liberal atmosphere and lively conversations, is a great way to meet locals; the Golden Triangle is perfect for dancing and cocktails; and Bermuda Square is an ideal choice for sharing some late-night food and craft beer.

Performances to start the night

Vilnius has an active music scene of both Lithuanian musicians and foreign artists. Every night is an opportunity to discover new performers. Checking the event calendar and planning ahead of your trip is a great idea because tickets tend to sell out fast. The unique concert hall inside St. Catherine’s Church, live music clubs like Tamsta and Paviljonas, outside-the-box concerts at Hales Market, or the Loftas urban art space in a former factory are all places worth checking out.

Bottoms up

Vilnius is a paradise for beer lovers . Craft beer from local microbreweries is everywhere. From places like Beer Library, which offers more than 300 labels, to beer tours and bars with only a couple seats, the options are seemingly endless. The only downside is that it might be difficult to taste everything – but here’s to trying. If beer is not on your list of favourites, Vilnius also has an extensive selection of cocktail bars, so finding your favourite cocktail or something entirely new can be a real journey of discoveries. For a local vibe and friendly bartenders, getting a shot of tequila at Spiritus or a signature cocktail at Apoteka can be the perfect start to a great evening or even a full-blown party. There are also a couple of places to enjoy a drink and an impressive view of the city. For Old Town views from above and dancing until morning, Sky Bar on the 22nd floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel is a place like no other. Moreover, the TV tower restaurant 165 metres in the air is the tallest hangout spot in Vilnius, and offers a 360-degree view of the city.

Artistic route under the stars

If you get the sudden urge to explore the artsy side of the city at night, Vilnius has you covered. The Open Gallery welcomes urban art lovers and explorers in a former factory yard 24/7. Murals and installations from renowned street artists look especially surprising at night with special lighting. Literatu Street in the heart of the Old Town is another place for a romantic walk with a special artistic backdrop. Filled with more than 200 small works of art dedicated to writers and poets from around the world, this street is quiet and especially magical at night.

Active night time adventures

Nights in Vilnius create a unique setting for different types of explorations. Kayaking at night on the Neris River and watching the city lights reflect on the water is a must. Joining the crowd and skating at night through the less crowded streets of the Old Town in Vilnius is a perfect way to meet new friends and enjoy an after-party later. For the more curious explorers, night tours of the dungeons of Vilnius are also available.

Events to check out

Midsummer Festival, 15-26 July. From famous Lithuanian pop artists to exclusive opera and theatre performances, the festival in the Palace of the Grand Dukes is refreshing in the summer heat.

Cinema Under the Stars, 1-31 August. After the sun sets, it’s the perfect time to get cosy and enjoy some open-air films at the Palace of the Grand Dukes.