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A Christmas Season for Families

It’s fair to say that no one is counting down the days to Christmas with more anticipation and excitement than kids. And when the holiday season will finally be here, take them to one of the special places in Vilnius that will make all of you smile.

Lighting of the Town’s Main Christmas Tree

The big day is December 1. For many years now, Vilnius has opted to not cut down real trees and made artificial ones instead. Each year’s tree is different, so grab your warm tea and come see just what will the it look like this time, then stay for the accompanying concert.


The Christmas Train

Operated by elves, the Christmas Train tours central town throughout December 1 – January 7. It’s a true local classic that’s taken very seriously – you’ll even find the operating schedule posted on Vilnius’ public transport boards.  

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A Christmas Tale in 3D

For 4 nights, between December 25-28, Vilnius Cathedral becomes a canvas for the annual Christmas Tale. As the surrounding street lights dim for the free 15-minute performance, the crowd turns its eyes to the colors on the walls and is transported to a winter fairytale. Needless to say, this is especially popular with kids, who often see it more than once.


Saying Farewell to Christmas Trees and the Holidays

On January 6, visit the Teachers’ House. This cultural centre holds an annual celebration to mark the end of the holiday season that’s full of fun activities. It’s also the place where kids can play games to win the Good Child’s Certificate – perfect for securing a gift from Santa next Christmas.  

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The Toy Museum

Before the magic of the season fades away, take your little ones to Vilnius’ Toy Museum. While they’re guaranteed to have a good time, you may well find yourself revisiting your childhood, because this museum isn’t just for kids.

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