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A Hip Christmas Season

The Christmas season doesn’t have to be full of traditional pastimes. In fact, Vilnius offers events that, at first thought, may not be your typical choice of Christmas activities. Here’s what’s in store this year:

Lithuanian Designers’ Christmas markets

For a gift that’s out of the ordinary, head to one of the markets that offer items from local designers. The Design Square on Vincas Kudirka’s Square, the PopUp market in Kablys or the Last Minute Christmas Market at LOFTAS are all good picks.


The Vilnius Christmas Run

December 17 will see locals sprint into action for the annual Christmas run that’s been a holiday tradition since 1975. Join them for a distance of your choice and if your little ones are feeling competitive, sign them up for the 200 metre Elfin Run.  


LOFTAS’ Christmas concert

LOFTAS is Vilnius’ go-to music venue, located in what used to be an old factory. Traditionally, it sets out to offer a Christmas concert that’s unlike any other, but one that still manages to boost your spirits. Keep an eye on their website for the announcement of this year’s act and join the locals for something a little different.  


Vilnius beer festival

On December 1-2, 35 brewers from 14 countries will come together under LOFTAS’ roof to celebrate their craft. Drop in to have a taste, talk to the brewers about their beers and find out more about the drink at dedicated lectures.  

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