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VMS_0284The Christmas season in Vilnius is not only about carols. Explore the contemporary cultural scene and join the local tradition of seeing the Nutcracker ballet, taking in a performance by the National Orchestra, or visiting the newest modern art museum opened in October. See Vilnius filled with action throughout the Christmas season.

Hot Chocolate at the Opera

Experience a sentimental Christmas season tradition that locals love – a performance at the Opera House  accompanied by what most regard as the best hot chocolate in town. Kids will love Cinderella or the Nutcracker, and for parents, there’s La Boheme, Don Quixote and La Traviata, among others.

Festive Performances

Listen to classical music selected for the holiday season at the National Philharmonic Concert hall, visit a festival dedicated to Orthodox Christmas, go to a family-friendly concert on a Sunday, or listen to tango melodies. Also, enjoy the intimate atmosphere of St. Catherine’s Church while listening to Amélie From Montmartre and Chopin.

Modern Art Museum

It’s the perfect gift for any art-lover. The Mo Museum just opened in October and is still fresh with paint, but the walls are filled with more than 4,000 works of modern and contemporary Lithuanian artists from the collection belonging to Danguolė and Viktoras Butkus.

Christmas Run

Join thousands of runners and even a crowd of Santas for a run in the Vilnius Old Town on 28 December. It’s a family affair – you can run 3, 6 or 12 km while your children run the trail of the Christmas Elves. Fung fact: the coldest run happened in 1979 with a pressing cold of -30°C. But cold weather can’t ruin the fun.

Exhibition for the Lithuania’s Centenary

Lithuania has been celebrating the Centennial of the Restored State for the whole year. It’s your chance to learn more about the history in a fun and inspiring way with the  ‘Unforgettable Futures: Visions for Lithuania‘s Centenary’ exhibition, which features experimental inventions made during the Interwar Period in Lithuania.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Where do locals gather in Vilnius at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve? Cathedral Square. With sparklers in hand, everyone exchanges wishes and looks up at the town’s main fireworks display. Make sure to get there a little early to secure a good spot – you want to be looking in the direction of Gediminas’ Hill.  

A Farewell to Holidays – Three Kings’ Procession

Every year on 6 January, three-metre-tall figures of the Three Kings are carried through town in a festive procession. The Kings march from the Gates of Dawn  to Cathedral Square, where they leave gifts at the nativity scene. The whole event serves to mark the end of the holiday season.