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Events Essential to Summer in Vilnius

Running Event We Run Vilnius

2 June

Start at Cathedral Square

Run, Forest, Run at the largest spring running event in Vilnius! Can you catch up with professional athletes, compete with amateurs or outrun the kids at the 5, 10 and 21 km routes? Enjoy the wonderful Old Town and the friendly atmosphere. The start and finish are at the Vilnius Cathedral, where you can join more than 10,000 participants and run together.

Vilnius Festival

3 June – 21 June 

Various locations

A true dessert for classical music fans – listen to famous Lithuanian and foreign performers boldly interpreting symphonic works and chamber music. Be the first to hear the premiere of contemporary Lithuanian composers as well as the original works created specially for the festival. Expect Renaissance and Baroque pieces, legendary jazz soloists, recitals of Lithuanian performers, and a few surprises along the way.

International Contemporary Art Fair ArtVilnius

30 May – 2 June

Lithuanian Exhibition And Congress Centre LITEXPO

Here’s your chance to get acquainted with the works of contemporary Lithuanian and foreign artists. The 10th International Contemporary Art Fair promises special surprises, installations and performances. Don’t just look, take part in creative workshops, and talk to the artists in person to find out what inspires them. Over 20,000 people visit about 60 art galleries from 15 countries in three days. Who will be your favourite?

The Conference of Technology and Innovation Login

June 6-7

Lithuanian Exhibition And Congress Centre LITEXPO

Learn all about the latest marketing, technology innovations and future trends at the biggest tech conference in the Baltics. Listen in as Lithuanian and foreign experts discuss the changes and challenges the future brings. This year, the event will also focus on the increasingly topical issue of sustainability.

Culture Night

14 June

Various locations

Art will invade the streets, galleries and even some unexpected spaces in Vilnius once the sun sets. Will you be able to see more than 150 music, dance, theatre, cinema, photography, modern installations, and many other projects in one night? Visit cultural events for free and discover unconventional solutions, experiments, and new creative spaces.

Christopher Festival

27 June – 28 August

Various locations

Welcome to the 25th Christopher Festival. What to expect? Well, the festival’s motto is all genres are good except the boring ones. You’ll have a chance to hear more than the masterpieces of classical music, including jazz, experimental projects, and traditional works that are sure to find their way into the hearts of the audience. Let the music take you to the church vaults, under the summer sky, or into the Lithuania’s lovely  nature.

Bicycle Marathon Velomaratonas

Date: TBD

Start at the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

It’s time to get on your bike and challenge your strength and endurance! Whether it’s the only ride this year or you’re a pro cyclist, the traditional Velomaratonas invites you to go down the streets of the Old Town. Enjoy time with the whole family – the race for kids may be a source of inspiration for more serious cycling later on in life.

St. Bartholomew Fair

Date: TBD

Various locations

Jump into a time machine and travel to the Middle Ages with people dressed in Renaissance clothes on the streets of Vilnius, old music and crafts. Watch the craftspeople parade and the craft-making demonstrations, or try your hand at making some of your own crafts – make a clay pot, spin that spin wheel or make a coin to bring home as a souvenir.

Street Theatre Festival SPOT

10-14 July

Various locations

Become the centre of the free street theatre festival. Explore urban spaces and watch a series of performances and installations in the streets and squares of the city. Choreographed performances, concerts and contemporary theatre performances will introduce you to a different side of Vilnius Old Town.

Vilnius Burger Fest

Date: TBD

Courtyard of the Lithuanian Theatre, Music, and Cinema Museum

Facebook: Vilnius Burger Fest

You will definitely smell this festival from far, far away. The aroma of the coals and grilled meat will lure you to the yard where the burger pros will fight for your attention and surprise you with inventive gourmet combinations. Attention, burger lovers: there are some hamburgers that can only be found at this fest. Fresh and local produce is used in the preparation of hamburgers, as the festival believes in the slow food philosophy, the principles of environmentally friendly food, and ethical behaviour.

Film Festival Cinema Under The Stars

1-31 August

Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

There are many ways to watch films, but summer offers the most enjoyable way. Cheers to all the romantics. Sit in a chair with a cup of coffee, bring your cosiest blanket, and watch some Lithuanian movies, documentaries and some of the classics under the stars.

The Vilnius Capital Days Festival

30 August – 1 September

Various locations

Celebrate together with Vilnius at the biggest festival filled with music, good food, culture and a great atmosphere. Greet the autumn season with live concerts, exceptional shows, and a fair in the heart of the city, on Gediminas Avenue. Get ready for some action, adventures, and creative ideas.