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War and Peace Route in Vilnius

War and PeaceRoute Visiting Filming Locations of BBC Series “War and Peace” in Vilnius

The State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy introduced the route to filming places of the BBC series “War and Peace” in Lithuania. A six-part historical series according to the novel by Leo Tolstoy was mainly filmed in picturesque places of Lithuania has become a true sensation in Great Britain and induced great interest of the British in Lithuania – a country at crossroads of historical events.

The series created by the British public broadcaster BBC in cooperation with the American enterprise The Weinstein Company was already broadcasted to viewers in the USA, UK, Canada and Sweden. Televisions of Estonia, Belgium, Denmark, the Philippines, Greece, India, Iceland, Israel, China, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Portugal, France, Russia, Finland, Taiwan and Ukraine also acquired broadcasting rights.

The series “War and Peace” were filmed in Vilnius, Merkinė, Trakų Vokė, Trakai, Kernavė and Rumšiškės. According to Lineta Mišeikytė, Executive Producer of the series in Lithuania, places rich in their past, bearing bright signs of war and peace, which are abundant in Lithuania, were the reason for BBC’s decision to film and convey peripeteias of the magnificent novel in Lithuania in particular.

The series “War and Peace” brings the beginning of the 19th century to life, when Lithuania was the western periphery of the Russian Empire and survived Napoleon’s march to Moscow, the fame and destruction of the Grand Army. This is what the series “War and Peace” depicts through destinies of a few Russian aristocrat families.

In 2015, the number of foreign tourists increased by 2.3 percent in Lithuania. Tourism flows from the United Kingdom grew by 178.2 percent in 2015.

Routes of the series “War and Peace” are available online at: