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Family City Break

Family City Break Vilnius

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend some time in town with the entire family, Vilnius has some interesting things to offer.

Ride the Viking Ship

Travel back in time to an exciting period in European history and see Vilnius from a Viking vessel. You can choose between a simple ride down the Neris River with an introduction to the city’s history and a more in-depth programme that includes medieval music and a chance to steer the ship. Find out more about the Viking Ship here.

Take a Stroll in the Bernardine Garden

The Bernardine Garden, located right beside Cathedral Square, is an oasis of calm in the city centre. Its multiple playgrounds will help the little ones use some of their abundant energy and the many picturesque spots along the Vilnia River will take the stress out of any day.

Rollerblade in Vingis Park

If you’re looking for a good place to rollerblade or rent a bike for four, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Vingis Park. The rental services are located by the concert stage – it’s so big you really can’t miss it. All the paths in the park are paved, so you certainly won’t be the only ones rollerblading.

Visit the Museum of Illusions

Take a trip to Vilnius’ past with a little optical deception. You can visit the Museum of Illusions on your own or attend one of the live performances that highlight some of the most exciting aspects of Vilnius’ history.

Take a Look at the Town from the TV Tower

Vilnius’ TV tower is the city’s highest building. Its restaurant is located at 165 metres and provides stunning views of the town. It rotates, too, making a full circle over the span of 55 minutes, so just grab a table and look at the changing views. If you come around sunset, you can experience two sides of Vilnius – the city in sunlight and the lights of its many streets after sunset.

Treat Everyone to Some Pancakes

Gusto Blyninė is a great spot for a family dinner. Their specialty is pancakes and you’ll find traditional sweet choices as well as a variety of healthy filling options. Plus, there’s a special menu for children where it’s not just the pancakes that matter, but also how they look.

Relax in Žvėrynas

Vilnius’ district of Žvėrynas is full of small wooden houses and almost feels like a resort town. Don’t be fooled by appearances, though – it’s actually a prime real estate location. The calm district is home to an excellent dining spot – Veranda. Local families love it for their playground, where kids get to play while parents treat themselves to something special from the menu.

Travel Around Hassle-Free

Keep your travel budget in check and get around town like a local with Vilnius City Card. It offers free public transport, free admission to numerous museums, including the Toy Museum, and a multitude of discounts and special offers in town. Order it online or get it at a sales location in town. Find out more here.