Siekdami užtikrinti efektyvesnį interneto svetainės veikimą, naudojame slapukus. Tęsdami naršymą interneto svetainėje sutinkate, kad Jūsų kompiuteryje būtų įrašomi slapukai.

Have Fun: Vilnius in Winter


Give yourself the gift of the year – come to Vilnius and enjoy a relaxing holiday getaway, far from the crazy busy streets. Enjoy amazing food, explore nature in the city, feel the contemporary spirit, go on an outdoor adventure, or simply laze around. It’s your perfect destination. It can be cold, but oh yeah it’s great, no doubt about it.

Unleash your inner modernist

Visit Vilnius’ newest modern art museum to see a collection of works by Lithuanian artists. Check out the Friday cinema at the MO Museum, then join a discussion or an educational workshop. Head over to the impressive Martynas Mažvydas National Library for architecture, exhibitions, and books, of course. If you’re in VIlnius between 24 January and 3 February, discover modern French cinema at the Ecrans d’hiver cinema festival. And if you’re a book lover, don’t miss the Vilnius Book Fair on 21-24 February.

Discover unique flavours

Experience a magical winter evening at the Panama Food Garden and have an unforgettable dinner in a snowed-in greenhouse. Treat yourself and start the night out with some seafood and bubbles at Selfish. For a fancy tasting dinner, visit the restaurant Nineteen18 and broaden your taste map – all dishes are made with locally-sourced produce. Make sure to book in advance, though; there are only 27 tables.

Get warm

Anyone can go to a fancy restaurant or a chain coffee shop, but how often do you get a chance to enjoy your food in the company of a dozen cats? The furry friends at Cat Cafe Vilnius will melt your heart in no time. Plus, you’ll get a discount if you use your Vilnius City Card. Allergic to cats? No problem, just take a few extra steps and pop into Girta Bitė to sample their range of mead, a traditional Lithuanian drink made from honey. They also have coffee, tea and non-alcoholic mead that’s sure to keep you warm and cosy.

Have a lazy and romantic day

Start off with a special brunch with the best eggs Benedict in town at Stebuklai Restaurant and witness a miracle on your plate (tip: stebuklai means miracles in English), or dig into an American-style brunch with pancakes, waffles, and all kinds of omelettes. Just when you think the day can’t get any better, jump into a warm pool or treat yourself to a nice massage and a steam bath at Kempinski Hotel or Forum Palace spa. Enjoy a quiet and relaxing afternoon thinking about all things pleasant.

Have fun outdoors

Get an adrenaline rush that will take you back to your childhood while racing down the hill on skis or a sleigh at Liepkalnis. After a good workout you can sit together in a cafe terrace and enjoy the planes going in for a landing above your head and the wintery panoramas from the highest point in Vilnius. Practice your spins on the skating rink at Lukiškės Square surrounded by the beautiful Old Town architecture. Or up your game and skate on the frozen lake at Trakai with the most romantic wintery view of the Trakai Island Castle.

See you in Vilnius for the best winter you’ve ever had!