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Running Vilnius: 9 Medals to Take Home From Your Weekend Trip

There’s no better way to explore the city than on foot, but have you considered running? Vilnius has 9 different running events to offer you a weekend trip of your lifetime and a medal to take home as a souvenir. It’s not all for professional runners – there are tracks of various difficulty levels and family friendly events to feel the pleasure.

Enjoy the main tourist attractions while running in the Vilnius Old Town or experience wild nature in forests and trail runs. But don’t stop to admire the scenery for long – you can explore more of the largest baroque old town in Eastern and Central Europe and relax in an outdoor cafe after your run.

Running in a crowd of like-minded people in a foreign city and locals cheering you on is a completely different experience everyone should try. Choose a running event that fits you best and Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Alfa Run, 1 June, Saturday

Looking for something extreme? 5 or 10 km run with obstacles. Mud, ice, tunnels, and so much more. Can you win the challenge? Actually, winning doesn’t matter, fun is more important and everyone who crosses the finish line gets a medal. Kids are invited to try 1 km track filled with adventures.

Tickets: 30-40 euros

Kids friendly

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  1. Nike We Run Vilnius, 2 June, Sunday

Start your running season with the largest spring event in Vilnius. The track is right in the heart of the city, so you can run in the streets of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both beginners and experienced runners are welcome to run 5, 10 or 21,098 km. The run is kids friendly, so they can proudly get a prize for running 350 meters.

Price: 15-30 euros

Kid friendly

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  1. Women Run, 15 June, Saturday

Join a celebration of women empowerment and run 5 km among thousands of females in Vilnius old town. The initiative prompts women to think about breast cancer, so become a part of spreading the important message. If you’re traveling with kids, register them to run 200 meters and enjoy their time in kids’ zone while you run.

Price: 3-25 euros

Kid friendly

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  1. Trail Run Kernavė-Vilnius, 15 June, Saturday

If you are up for bigger challenges, sign up for a 10, 42 or 82 km run and enjoy the changing track in the forests and meadows with a picturesque Neris river scenery. It’s your chance to experience wild Lithuanian nature at its best – steep uphills, technical downhills and fast descents! The added bonus – you can see two sited on UNESCO World Heritage list – the first capital of Lithuania Kernave and the current capital Vilnius. Don’t worry about getting to the starting point – special busses will be ready for you.

Price: 8-38 euros

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  1. 30th run around the Green Lakes, 6 July, Saturday

Dedicated to the Statehood day and the 609th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald the run track goes around the beautiful Green Lakes of Vilnius. 11,7 km will fly by fast looking around the scenic landscapes. Participants will be compete for the prizes and cups in 6 age groups.

Price: 5-15 euros

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  1. Vilnius 100 km Running, 21 July, Sunday

It’s your chance to run an ultra-marathon! See if you can handle this challenge of 100 km (50 laps of 2 km). Not sure if you can do it? Run 50 km. Traveling with a group of like-minded friends? Get a team of 10 people and run 10 km each. You will run in Vingis park beloved by locals, so there will be cheering crowds to keep your spirits up. Run and make history!

Price: 10-150 euros

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  1. XV Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon, 8 September, Sunday

Run along 14.000 people in an annual marathon in Vilnius old town. It will win the heart of both beginners and professionals with a number of distances to choose from according to your experience – adults can run 10, 21.098, 42.195 km; families and children can enjoy a run of 300 meters, 3 or 4.2 km. Feeling competitive enough to run the Race Course? Beat the records set by Vaida Žūsinaitė in women’s category 2:43:13 and by Richard Rotich in men’s category 2:21:15.

Price: 5-60 euros

Kid friendly

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  1. Saulėtekis Marathon, 1 December, Sunday

So far the only marathon in the Lithuanian winter. One lap is 4,2 km, so feel free to run just one or all 10 laps for a full marathon. Everyone crossing the finish line gets a diploma and a medal. Enjoy some winter fun running.

Price: 5-10 euros

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VilniusMarathon 10

  1. Eurovaistinė Christmas Run, 15 December, Sunday

It’s an early Christmas gift for all runners – good emotions, fun costumes, and a great track in the streets of Vilnius. The run taking place for the 43rd time is the oldest Vilnius running event with thousands of runners beating the cold. You might want to bring your Santa Claus costume and join the fun crowd. Thermal wear is also a good idea – the coldest run took place in 1979 with -30°C (-22°F). Are you up for a challenge? Run 3, 6 or 12 km and feel the Christmas spirit or let your kids enjoy a 200 meter track.

Price: 3-12 euros

Kids friendly

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Not spending a weekend in Vilnius? Join Capital Runners on a Wednesday at 6.30 p.m. and explore the most interesting tracks in Vilnius. Check out their routes and join the team of locals here