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See 5 Gorgeous Vilnius Panoramas

When it comes to taking the perfect photo of Vilnius, it’s important to know where to go. We bring you five classic spots that provide great vantage points for pictures and show both sides of Vilnius – the old and the new.

Panorama Šv. Jonų varpinė

St. Johns’ Church Bell Tower

Unlike most other viewpoints, this one is located right in the heart of the Old Town. There’s an entrance fee, but the view makes that and the climb to the top well worth it. Vilnius’ classic red rooftops will almost look like they’re within reach from here.

Panorama Subačiaus gatvė

Subačiaus Viewpoint

This is easily one of the best free spots for taking panoramic pictures. You’ll see Vilnius’ church towers, its many hills and the new business district in the background. If the weather’s good, a sunset can look fantastic from here – the orange evening sun will dip right behind the town’s buildings.

Panorama Katedros varpinė

Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower

One of the tallest towers in the Old Town offers great views of the nearby square and Gediminas Avenue, as well as Vilnius’ historic centre. Tickets can be purchased on the spot and give you access to the viewing deck, bell exposition and short history tour.


Hill of Three Crosses

With the Vilnia River right at your feet, you’ll find this spot to be excellent for looking down on the Cathedral and the Vilnius’ many churches. This is a public space that’s part of Kalnų Park, so you can visit whenever you like and capture the soft colours of the sunrise, as well as the night lights.


Tauras Hill

This is a less popular choice, because it doesn’t give you a good view of the Old Town. However, you’ll see a completely different side of Vilnius from here – one lined with early 20th century buildings, as well as the high rises of Vilnius’ business district in the distance.

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