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Vilnius Pass

DSC_1264The Vilnius Pass is oriented towards tourists who want to make the most of their trip and discover as much of the city as possible. There are four types of Pass:

Vilnius Pass holders can use public transport throughout the city, visit museums free of charge, and take part in walking tours. They can also get discounts when booking bus/mini bus tours, hiring a bike, buying concert tickets, paying bills at restaurants and cafes, going to parks, booking accommodation and wellness services, buying souvenirs, joining boat and hot-air balloon rides, and other activities.

The Pass is issued for individual use and is valid from the moment of its activation.

You can purchase your Vilnius Pass at one of the Vilnius Tourist Information Centres, a Tourist-Friendly Place or by booking online.

There are four types of Vilnius Pass:
24-hour card without a public transport ticket – 19,99 EUR
-hour card without a public transport ticket – 26,99 EUR
72-hour card without a public transport ticket – 34,99 EUR
72-hour card with a public transport ticket – 39,99 EUR

*5% discount for children up to 14 years old

Where to buy a Vilnius Pass
Vilnius Tourist Information Centres:
Pilies St 2, (Restaurant Grey)
Didžioji St. 31 (Town Hall),
Vilnius International Airport (arrivals hall).