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Vilnius: the Big Screen is Ready for You

Films are made from dreams and for dreams. Get your eyes ready for a special feast – it’s time to see the best, newest, and quirkiest films from around the world. There’ll be no shortage of inspiring and creative ideas to explore, so take advantage and make sure to soak in as much as you can. Vilnius offers some exquisite film festivals all year round. Some focus on distinctive cultures, others on specific genres; but all of them offer a wide variety of eye-candy. It’s your choice.

What to watch

Vilnius International Film Festival Kino pavasaris

21 March – 4 April

Vilnius Forum Cinemas Vingis

“Slow your pace and find time for yourself and quality cinema” – is the motto of this year’s spring film festival. Watch the best, most interesting, acclaimed, and noteworthy films of the year spread out in an easy-to-navigate programme consisting of five categories: Discoveries, Festivals’ Favourites, Masters, Critics’ Choice, and Competition of European Debuts. Participate in various events and discussions to learn more about the birth and life of the films presented at the festival.

International industry event Meeting Point – Vilnius

2-4 April

Get connected with over 250 film professionals, meet new talents, participate in various lectures, and compete for awards. Do you have a first film of your dreams just waiting to be brought to life? Come pitch it to industry decision-makers and make it happen!

Cinema Under the Stars

1-31 August

Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

It’s too boring to sit in a cinema theatre on a warm summer evening. Enjoy the warm breeze and the star-studded sky while watching films outdoor. See the most interesting films of the year, watch the classics, or rediscover some forgotten masterpiece.

International Vilnius Documentary Film Festival

9-29 September

Skalvija and Pasaka cinemas

Films carry us to the world of magic, but documentaries give us a glimpse into other realities. Visit the main documentary film platform of the Baltics and watch the most recent internationally awarded documentaries as well as a retrospective dedicated to a selected acknowledged filmmaker. Participate in the discussions and discover the fascinating possibilities of the documentary film genre.

International Vilnius Film Festival for Children and Youth


Immerse yourself into the beautiful world of teens filled with drama, courage, daily battles, and the magic of youth. Vote for the best film and participate in open discussions. There are films for all ages and the programme is created to be interesting for both kids and their parents.

International Documentary Film Festival Inconvenient Films

10-20 October

If you care about human rights issues around the world, this film festival is a must. Appreciate and discuss the role of documentaries in reflecting and shaping our understanding of reality in this one-of-a-kind festival in the Baltics. This is a pay what you want event where you can get tickets for the current or next-day screening only.

European Film Forum Scanorama

7-24 November

Get ready for the best, most valued films that have earned recognition around Europe. Travel across the spaces of European film – start with the classics and continue to modern day as you move through different geographical and artistic genres of European film. Become a part of the largest and most prominent international cultural film event that represents all of Europe.

International Animation Film Festival Tindirindis


Sit back and let your inner child celebrate an animation marathon. Watch long and short animated films, experiments, debuts, and a few surprises along the way. Animation isn’t just for the little ones; these films also tackle important topics and global issues.

Where to watch the films?

Forum Cinemas Vingis Savanorių Ave. 7, Vilnius

Forum Cinemas Akropolis Ozo St. 25, Vilnius

Multikino Ozo St. 18, Vilnius +370 620 51 558, +370 5 219 5376

Pasaka Šv. Ignoto St. 4/3, Vilnius +370 683 48091

Skalvija A. Goštauto St. 2, Vilnius +370 5 261 0505

Kino Deli A. Smetonos St. 4, Vilnius +370 671 81446

What to read?

If you’re a true film buff, take a look at Vilnius On Screen, our newest publication of films shot in Vilnius. You’ll find some wonderful trivia facts and great insider information on some world-renowned films and television productions. Watching them on screen will be a different experience once you know exactly where they were filmed – Chernobyl recreated in a Vilnius district without trees, Vilnius Cathedral turned into St. Peter’s Basilica with Swiss guards protecting the building from the Nazis, or the devastated City of Tokyo recreated in Eastern Europe.

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