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Centre for Civil Education

+370 706 64094​
Totorių g. 28

II-V 09.00 – 16.00, VI-VII 11.00 – 18.00

Free Entrance

For Disabled (partially)
For Children

Centre for Civil Education

The Centre for Civil Education was opened in the Presidential Palace (Office of the President of the Republic of Lithuania) on 10 March 2016.

The Centre tells its visitors about the area, population, and sovereign power of the Lithuanian state. The exposition also gives an overview of the history of citizenship, the notion of citizenship and its active forms. The slogan of the Centre is “Freedom to learn and create”, thus the visitors are invited to get more knowledge of the Lithuanian state, to participate in its creation, and to get engaged in addressing its urgent challenges.

The vision of the Centre for Civil Education: people proud of Lithuania and ready to assume responsibility for the whole country and its citizens. I live here, in a dynamic Lithuania – that’s what the logo of the Centre, an octagonal star originating from folk ornaments, suggests.

The following permanent expositions: “Freedom to participate”, “Freedom to learn and be oneself”, “Freedom to agree”, “Freedom to decide and act”, “Freedom to cooperate” are displayed on three floors of the Centre. There are changing exhibitions, too. Their exhibits, mainly works of art, are integral parts of the exposition and expand on the exhibitions. The exhibition “Freedom to create” displays the works by the winners of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize, thus attention to the importance of culture to the state. Summaries of expositions and exhibitions are available in English.

Regular interactive workshops for schoolchildren, families with children and adults are meant to educate about the Lithuanian state and engagement of citizens in the life of the state. Workshops are held in the Lithuanian, English, and Russian languages. The Centre also offers guided tours, lectures, meetings with famous people.


Opening Hours:

II–V: 9–16 val.
The Centre for Civil Education welcomes group visitors.

VI–VII: 11–18 val.
The Centre for Civil Education welcomes individual visitors.

Monday – closed.
The Centre for Civil Education is open on the following national holidays: February 16, March 11, July 6.
Admission to the Centre, workshops and guided tours is free.