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Museum of Applied Arts and Design

+370 5 262 8080
Arsenalo g. 3A

II–VI 11.00 – 18.00, VII 11.00 – 16.00

Adults – 3 EUR

Free with Vilnius City Card
For Disabled (partially)

Museum of Applied Arts and Design

The Museum of Applied Arts and Design is established in the Old Arsenal reconstructed in 1987, which in the middle of the 16th century was mentioned as one of the buildings of the Lower Castle. Archaeological investigations into the Old Arsenal carried out in 1972–1978 uncovered the brick wall and the quadrangular tower of the middle of the 14th century the remains of which can be seen upon entering the Museum, as well as four-meter high and almost three-meter wide pointed gates of the castle through which visitors get into the exposition today. Exhibitions are mounted, educational programmes are presented, concerts are performed at the Museum.

Museum  is closed on public holidays

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