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Radvila Palace – closed until 30th of April, 2020

+370 5 262 0981
Vilniaus g. 24

II–VI 11.00 – 18.00; VII 12.00 – 17.00

Adults – 3 EUR

Free with Vilnius City Card

Radvila Palace – closed until 30th of April, 2020

The part of the mannerist estate, which in the 17th century was referred to as “Vilnius Louvre” housed an exhibition of art of foreign countries (Western and Central Europe, Russia) for a long time. The largest thematic exhibitions of the Lithuanian Art Museum are arranged here.

The Radvilas Palace as an art gallery was opened in 1990 in the reconstructed western pavilion of the estate of Janusz Radziwiłł of the middle of the 17th century. Exhibitions of works of the best modern Lithuanian artists, international art projects are held in the Gallery. Educational programmes for schoolchildren and families are prepared at the Art Knowledge Centre.


In place of the wooden palace of Mikalojus Radvila the Black (Mikołaj “the Black” Radziwiłł), that used to be here in the 16th century, Vilnius Voivode Jonušas Radvila (Janusz Radziwiłł) erected the first early Baroque residence. The palazzo-style building was constructed according to the example of Palais Luxembourg in Paris and had five three-storey pavilions and wonderful halls. It was also famous for its collection of works by Flemish and Dutch painters. In 1984, the Western pavilion of the palace was reconstructed and now houses exhibitions of the Lithuanian Arts Museum.

Museum  is closed on public holidays

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