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Toys’ Museum

+370 604 00 449
Šiltadaržio g. 2 / B.Radvilaitės g. 7

II 12:00-20:00
III-V 12:00-18:00
VI 11:00-16:00
II-IV 14:00-18:00
V 14:00-18:00
VI 11:00-16:00
II-IV 14:00-18:00
V 14:00-20:00

4 EUR, schoolchild, student, senior 3 EUR

Free with Vilnius City Card
For Children

Toys’ Museum

In Vilnius’ old town, not far from Cathedral, in B. Radvilaitė str. 7/2,  the first Toy Museum in Lithuania is opened. The space of the museum is divided into an archeological space, containing the oldest toys, the ethnographical space, showcasing 19th-20th century toys, while the third space is introducing nowadays toys. The collection contains both original and copies. The copies especially deserve a special attention as in the exhibition they will allow to carry out the principle idea of the museum which is to touch–take–learn about the exhibits.

Museum  is closed on public holidays