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Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas Memorial Apartment-Museum

+370 5 262 4480
Tauro g. 10-3

II–VII 10.00 – 17.00

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Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas Memorial Apartment-Museum

In 1940-1944 in this house resided people involved with the Vilnius University: M. Biržiška, K. Jablonskis, V. Krėvė, V. Landsbergis-Žemkalnis, V. Maciūnas, G. Matoré, B. Sruoga, etc. In autumn of 1944 in the former apartment of V. Krėvė (No. 1) on the ground floor V. Mykolaitis-Putinas has settled. Literary K. Korsakas, chemist K. Daukšas, philosopher E. Meškauskas, lawyer J. Bulavas, opera director A. Zauka, writer K. Boruta with musician J. Čiurlionytė, psychologist A. Gučas have also resided in this house in later periods. On the ground floor apartment from the courtyard side musicologist O. Narbutienė, dissident member of the Helsinki Group E. Finkelstein have resided. In the same apartment in 1974 the widow of the Russian dissident and poet O. Mandelshtam N. Mandelstam and in 1975 the famous defender of human rights A.Sakharov has resided during the court proceedings of the dissident S. Kovalev. Ganddaughter of K. Korsakas J. Ivanauskaite has also lived here for a while.

In Tauro str. house No. 10 apartment 3 two Lithuanian literary classics have resided: B. Sruoga who stayed here with his family in 1943 before he was arrested and deported from the apartment to the Stutthof concentration camp. In 1945 B. Sruoga returned to Lithuania being completely weakened and sickly. After his death in 1947 V. Mykolaitis-Putinas has moved into this apartment and has resided here for twenty years during his entire late period of creation.

The house was built in 1936-1938 as an apartment house rented by David Strugacz (architect Moses Cholem).

A four-storey facade with constructive and geometrical forms is distinguished from other buildings of the period of rationalism in Vilnius by its good proportions and interesting decoration.