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Church of the Holy Cross (Bonifrati)

S. Daukanto a. 1

Church of the Holy Cross (Bonifrati)

To the west of the President’s Office is the Church of the Holy Cross, built on the site of the martydom of a group of Franciscan friars in the 14th century. In the 16th century, a Gothic chapel of the Holy Cross was built here by the Bishop of Vilnius Povilas Alšėniškis. Soon the adjoining house was converted into a Baroque church which was given to the Bonifari.

The Bonifari church was famous for the well in its basement whose water had wonder-working healing powers (especially for eyes) and the painting of St Mary Snow (Bonifari Mother of God) on the high altar, which was said to have miracle –working powers.

In 1976 the Church was converted into a concert hall, and known as the Small Baroque Hall. Nowadays the Church has been returned to the Catholic Church.