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St Bartholomew’s Church

Užupio g. 17A

I-V 16.00 – 19.00, VII 9.00 – 14.00

St Bartholomew’s Church

Little Saint Bartholomew’s Church stands on the bank of the Vilnia river in Užupis. As you approach it seems to hide, blending in with the houses along the street leading to the Bernardine cemetery.

The newly-constructed church was the victim of a fire during a war with Muscovy. In 1778 an oratory was built by the monks to a design by architect Martynas Knakfusas (Martin Knackfuss). This was later converted into a church by Fr Augustinas Stodolnikas in 1823–1824. This church still survives, having had a steeple added in 1881.

However it was closed by the Soviet occupation régime in 1949 and converted into a sculpture workshop. In 1997 Saint Bartholomew’s Church was presented to the Belarussian Catholic community of Vilnius.

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