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Inscriptions honoring the victims of Soviet occupation

Gedimino pr. 40

Inscriptions honoring the victims of Soviet occupation

Sculptors: Gitenis Umbrasas, Gediminas Karalius, Vytautas Čekanauskas, Algirdas Umbrasas, Lina Maslauskienė.

This building used to house the District Court, and— under Nazi rule—the Gestapo. During Soviet occupation, the KGB headquarters were housed here, and fighters for the Lithuanian State were held, tortured and killed. At present, it is home to the Museum of Genocide Victims, with the names of resistance fighters embossed in the façade and a monument in the shape of a stone pyramid erected nearby. An “inner” prison (interrogation centre) has been preserved in the basement of the building. Here, Lithuanian residents who resisted the occupational authority were imprisoned between the autumn of 1940 right up until 1987.

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