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Botanical Garden

+370 5 219 3139
Kairėnų g. 43

I-VII 10:00-20:00

Adult 4 EUR, student, schoolchild, senior 2 EUR, children under 7 years for free

Free with Vilnius City Card

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Vilnius University is not only the largest garden in Lithuania (total area is 199 ha) but also the richest one in its plant collections: plants of 9 000 names belonging to 886 genera can be found there, and the best and most impressive collections are those of rhododendrons, lilacs, lianas, peonies, dahlias and bulb flowers. The Botanical Garden is interesting as an object of heritage – a part of an outbuilding of an old estate that has survived in Kairėnai, as well as the old park with ponds, has been adapted to being visited. Various cultural events (concerts, art exhibitions) are held in the Garden. One can ride on horseback or go for a ride in a carriage.

Getting there

By car: go in the direction of Dvarčionys.

By public transport: take No. 2, 3, 4 buses from Cathedral Square or No. 14 trolleybus at the Karalius Mindaugas bus stop and go as far as the Nemenčinės plentas bus stop (if you take No. 3, 4 trolleybus, go to the final bus stop, then cross the street and go about some hundreds of metres to Nemenčinės plentas bus stop). Take No.18 or 38 buses and go as far as the Kairėnai bus stop.