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Kalnų Park

T. Kosciuškos g.

00:00 – 24:00

Kalnų Park

Kalnų Park is located in the centre of Vilnius and is conveniently accessible from T. Kosciuškos Street. If you climb the hill from this side, you will find yourself at the stage. In summer, various concerts and festivals are organised here. The territory of the park borders Užupis (Krivių St.) and the Vilnelė River. Several hills surround Kalnų Park.

The Hill of Three Crosses is the most prominent of all. It is believed that at some point in history seven Franciscan monks were tortured to death by pagans on that hill, pinned to crosses, and floated down the river. Now the Three Crosses memorial by architect and sculptor Antanas Vivulskis stands there. Stalo Hill (Table Hill) got its name for its shape: its top is as flat as a table. The Hill of Gediminas Grave marks the burial site of Duke Gediminas.

Not only people who want to enjoy the city panorama come here. It is also a favourite place for members of the Baltic religious communities, who go to the pagan altar to celebrate. Bekešas Hill was named after Kasparas Bekešas, a prominent military chief of the Lithuanian and Polish state buried there in 1580.