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Pavilniai Regional Park

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For Children

Pavilniai Regional Park

The core of the Pavilniai Regional Park is the valley of the Vilnia River. Visitors can follow the tourist route of the park, which goes along the Vilnelė River from Pūčkorių Dam. The Pūčkorių exposure is a unique geological monument.

Nearby you can also visit the territory of the former water mill where a restaurant and an entertainment centre Belmontas are situated now. There are also Belmontas waterfalls and Belmontas Adventure Park for those who like an active rest. Next to Pūčkoriai exposure, on the bank of the Vilnia River, there stands a sun clock. The Administration of the Park invites people to take part in cognitive walking tours that are organised in spring and autumn.

While in Pavilnių Regional Park, take the opportunity to visit Ribiškių hilly area. A spectacular view opens from Liepkalnis hill situated alongside Minsk motorway. In winter Liepkalnis Hill is the most favourite place of skiers.

Getting there

Take bus no. 74 from Žaliasis Tiltas (the Green Bridge) to Pavilniai Regional Park. When driving from the city centre along Zarasų or Olandų Streets, turn right near the roundabout towards Belmontas and follow the road to the end. If you want to go to the Pūčkorių Exposure, drive along S. Batoro Street a bit further.