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K. Kalinausko g.


The initiators of the “Naujamiestis Revolution” movement sprung in 2010 set an ambitious goal – to make the former industrial district a cultural centre of the city. People with community spirit believe that Naujamietis is the best place to live, to create and to have fun.

According to the originators of the idea changes have already become visible in Naujamiestis: one of public transport stop has been changed in this district; an alley of bells glistening in gold colours appeared in one Naujamiestis street; also a special map has been drawn up.

Twenty sites have been marked on the map which, in the opinion of representatives of Naujamiestis Revolution are unique and worthy of attention of its residents. Among them – a panorama of the new Vilnius, the first in the world monument for Frank Zappa, Vilnius design block – the best place to meet daybreak in Vilnius, the oldest and the biggest flower market of the capital, etc.