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Old Jewish Cemetery

Olandų g.


Old Jewish Cemetery

Old Jewish Cemetery (Olandų St.). The cemetery is the place of eternal rest of Jewish public and religious figures. The 11-hectare territory was a working Jewish cemetery until 1946, but was destroyed during the Soviet period and over the years became engulfed by a tangle of overgrown bushes and trees. While it was functioning, as many as 70,000 people were buried  there, including many prominent Jewish intellectuals, scientists, artists and public figures who have contributed to the enhancement of Jewish culture in Vilnius region.

A monument with inscriptions in Jewish characters was built in the Jewish cemetery more than a decade ago. The monument incorporates the tombstones that Soviet authorities had once removed from the cemetery and used to construct the stairs to Tauras Hill and that were dismantled and restored to the cemetery.  There are approximately 70 concrete tombstones and their fragments at the site.