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Route for People with Movement Disabilities

Route for People with Movement Disabilities

Neigalieji marsrutasThis route is the first tourist route of Vilnius city intended for the individuals with limited movement abilities. This route was worked out in April-June 2010 in the presence of the individuals with movement disabilities and taking into consideration their remarks and propositions.

The physical and social environment in Vilnius is not sufficiently well adapted to the needs of the disabled. Due to one reason or another no “universal environment” has been created that is adapted to every individual (both healthy or moving in a wheelchair, or an individual of an elderly age with movement disabilities). Objects of the cultural heritage located in the Old Town and the centre of the city are adapted to being visited, and some of the objects are adapted only in part (for example, only the ground floor can be visited, there is no toilet for the disabled visitors, etc.).

Despite the existing problems, we invite you to try the route from Aušros Vartai (the Gates of Dawn) to the Arsenal, which is an interesting historical and cultural site. Next to every object on the route there are warnings about the possible obstacles (for example, a steep hillside, a step, etc.).

You are recommended to become acquainted with the route prior to travelling and to assess your physical condition and your strength. We recommend you to travel together with an accompanying person.

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Duration of the route is 2 – 4 hours (the duration depends on whether you visit museums or not).

The total length of the offered route is about 3 kilometres.

A shorter route is also possible:

when one travels from Pilies Street to Cathedral Square (without turning into Maironio Street) – about 2 kilometres;
when one travels from Pilies Street to Cathedral Square (without turning into Maironio Street) and the route ends in Cathedral Square (without turning into Arsenalo Street) – about 1,5 kilometres.

It is recommended to visit the Money Museum, which is optimized for the individuals with various disabilities.