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Halės Market

Hales Market Vilnius

Some say that in order to really get to know a country and its people, you need to visit their markets. With this in mind, we invite  you to discover the oldest market in Vilnius, Halės Turgus! If only it could, this market would tell thousands of interesting stories.


In the 15th  century, the site of the current marketplace was initially named the Horse Market. Later, in the 16 th  century, it became  known as the Grain Market, when, after the city wall was built, it found itself in the suburbs. In 1906, at the intersection of Pylimo  and Bazilijonų Streets, a new market was erected, designed by Vilnius architect and engineer Vaclovas Michnevičius with help  from local entrepreneur Petras Vileišis. For a long time, the building now known as Halės Market continued to be called the Grain  Market, and only in 1914 did the name Halės Market take over. This is the oldest marketplace still operating in Vilnius.


Today, Halės Market is a very popular  place: entrepreneurs with original ideas  and those selling locally-produced  organic food with unique recipes willingly  settle here. These include bakeries, butchers, as well as cheese, wine and bagel  shops. Everyone will find something  interesting and delicious, because Halės  Market is the place to taste and buy  authentic local products.

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