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Vilnius Photo Map

Raimondos Ziaugraites nuotrauka

Vilnius is telling a story every moment: about breathtaking history of the city and colorful present days, people living in the city, their daily and special experiences. Photographers of vibrant city life have admitted that Vilnius is full of surprises. While taking a walk in even perfectly familiar streets we can see a completely different city – just raise your eyes from the pavement towards the roofs, have a glance over your shoulder, turn to the next random alley or backyard through which perhaps you have already walked many times. Even for local people it’s hard to believe how many impressive and undiscovered corners Vilnius city has. And for those who are only guests in the capital of Lithuania, is often more interesting to get acquainted with a slightly different Vilnius than it is presented in touristic publications.

Canon, the global leader in visual solutions, and Vilnius Tourist Information Centre invites you for such acquaintance. We introduce you with Vilnius Photo Map – inspiration source for local residents and guests who love to capture their sights with the camera. With the help of this Map you will explore the best-known areas of the capital, as well as discover new, unexpected places and angles through your camera lens.

This publication includes Lithuanian most famous photographers and photography enthusiasts suggested places and spaces of Vilnius and the sight at them through the camera lens. Artists of photography here also share tips – what time of day or lighting is appropriate to one or another frame. Perhaps, it’s enough simply to kneel or lie down on the lawn for your most spectacular image? Or maybe it is worth taking a look not only at the center of Vilnius but also to visit and capture the everyday life in the suburbs of the city?

Let’s go to the most charming places of Vilnius with Photo Map together.
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