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‘War and Peace’ Walking Tour

In 2015, the BBC TV adaption of 19th century Russian author Leo Tolstoy’s novel ’War and Peace’ received critical international acclaim and was broadcast in 25 countries worldwide.

Interestingly, much of the six-part series was shot in Vilnius Old Town, which with its cobbled streets and courtyards, doubled as 19th-century Moscow. The surrounding countryside doubled as the landscapes of Russia and Austria.

Also, at the time ‘War and Peace’ was published in 1869, Lithuania was part of the Western border of Imperial Russia.

Join our ‘War and Peace’ walking tour to see the filming locations, and find out backstage stories and more!

Duration — 2  hours
Price – 95 Eur
Number of participants — up to 30
Languages — Lithuanian, English

Information is provided and booking on working days from 9 am to 5 pm.
Tel. +370 5 253 2115 or e-mail

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