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Secrets of Vilnius Courtyards

The Old Town of Vilnius guards a lot of secrets. The remains of ancient brick walls and stone houses can be seen in the old courtyards, which used to belong to the noblemen and the gentry. Vilnius courtyards hide the history of the city and its dwellers, and we kindly invite you to become acquainted with it.

Duration — 2  hours on foot

Number of participants — up to 30

Languages — Lithuanian, English


  • The courtyard of A. Mickevičius Museum
  • Pilies street. 22 (the first Botanical Garden of Vilnius University)
  • The courtyard of the Chodkevičiai Palace
  • The courtyard of the Pacai Palace
  • Alumnatas courtyard
  • Šv. Ignoto street, Dominikonų street
  • The courtyard of the Church of St. Michael

(The list of objects may vary)

Information is provided and booking on working days from 9 am to 5 pm.

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